Yoga in San Juan del Sur

There are a handful of places in SJdS that offer yoga, but I recommend visiting a few of my favorites – especially if you’re only visiting for a few days and feel overwhelmed by the options, check these places out and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you practice yoga everyday, or you’re new to the practice and want to give it a whirl in a beautiful tropical environment. I commend you for continuing your practice whilst on vacation, or for coming to your mat when you could be doing other things such as sleeping in – because who wants to do that on vacation?!

1. Zen Yoga


Located centrally in the heart of SJdS, Zen Yoga offers daily yoga classes as well as massage. On the property is also Buddha’s Garden – a delicious vegetarian/vegan cafe to enjoy after practice.

There are two classes held in the morning starting at 8:30 am and another at 10 am. There is also a 5 pm class for those looking to unwind after a day of exploring. Drop in classes are $10 and Zen also offers class packages.

2. Yoga at Casa Oro


Casa Oro is located a block and a half away from Zen, and is right on the corner of the Main Street, 1 block from the beach. Classes at Casa Oro are very unique. The classes are donation based, meaning there is no charge – however I suggest bringing a few dollars as the money goes towards La Tortuga Reserve in La Flor. This is a protected beach that is maintained for sea turtles to come lay their eggs.

There is an 8 am class every day upstairs on the second floor in the yoga room, overlooking a terrace as you enjoy the ocean breeze. The second class is offered at 4:30-5 pm (depending on the time of year and what time the sun sets.)

This class is held outside on the promenade – about a 3 minute walk from Casa Oro. This was probably my favorite classes to teach (and attend) as I was able to see the reaction on my student’s faces when they rose from Savasana to see the beautiful view.

3. Yoga at Tree Casa


Tree Casa is a newer resort in SJdS. It is a little further outside of town, about 10 km or 25 minutes up a windy dirt road. However, they offer a free shuttle that picks you up from Zen Yoga multiple times a day, and brings you back into town later in the afternoon. You can attend a morning yoga class in a treehouse – yes, you heard me!

Yoga with the monkeys in a tranquil forest in the hills of Nicaragua. After class, jump in the multi-tiered pool posted above. You can jump off the top level, or take the water slide down to the bottom, your choice!

Tree Casa also has a full service restaurant and bar, so I recommend spending the day up here as it is a wonderful place to unwind.

4. Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa


I mentioned this spot in my last blog – it is an absolute necessity to come here! It is a 5 minute walk from town towards the hill. You have to climb some stairs to get up to the top, but if you’re seeing the photo above, then you KNOW it’ll be worth it.

There is a morning class and an afternoon class offered in the Butterfly Garden daily. This is the upper pool, just a few levels above the yoga space. Go to the 4 pm yoga class, and scurry up the stairs to take a dip in the pool and catch an amazing sunset.

The wonderful thing about all of these places is that the instructors pour their heart and soul into each and every class. You will walk away feeling fulfilled, renewed, and at peace.

All four of these studios differ from one another mostly because of the ambiance, yet they all hold something in common; a wide variety of the types of classes offered- ranging from Power Flow to Hatha to Restorative, giving you options to decide what it is that you need for your body and mind.

Also, each of these studios has a healthy cafe where you can enjoy a smoothie or an organic lunch to follow up your class!

Follow my next blog to check out the best tastes of SJdS!


The Traveling Yogi


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