A Budget Guide To Visiting Granada

Granada is a Nicaraguan city along the coastline of Lake Nicaragua. It’s home to many Spanish colonial landmarks that have survived multiple pirate invasions over the years.

The city’s main plaza, Central Park, is dominated by the Cathedral of Granada (shown above), originally dating back to 1583. You truly feel like such a small part of history as you’re walking through the town, imagining life 500 years ago on the same streets.


Granada’s streets are lined with colorful, Spanish-style homes with large doors open into their living areas. Granada is a wonderful walking city – alternatively, you can take a tour of the city From the comfort of a horse drawn carriage.

Although I stuck to transportation by foot, this seems like it would be the perfect way to spend a romantic evening! Make sure to get dropped off on the city’s “Main Street” – Calle de Calzada.

The street is lined with vendors and a variety of restaurants and bars with happy hour deals to boot! Be sure to check out KedeKe and get a free appetizer!

nicaragua 74
Calle la Calzada

The Garden Cafe is another spot for the list. This place is one of my favorite places to dine at/hang out in the city. Grab a smoothie or a healthy bite at this spot and watch the birds bathe in the fountain and the hummingbirds soak up the vibrant flowers.

If you haven’t read my other posts, you’ll quickly learn that I’m a sucker for a tasty treat and a cool ambiance with a welcoming atmosphere.

When you take a break from exploring the city, book a boat tour through Las Isletas. These 365 tiny islands were formed by the erupting Volcán Mombacho. You will surely enjoy taking a boat and cruising around the Isletas, not only for the stunning scenery but for the aquatic birds and monkeys which frequent the area.


While you’re touring Las Isletas, be sure to check out Jicaro Island. Although very expensive, it is definitely worth checking out this Eco- lodge. One can dream, right?!

8 am morning yoga session with a view

Volcan Mombacho and the surrounding nature reserve is also worth a visit. The same can be said of Laguna de Apoyo, a magnificent, pristine lake formed in the crater of a collapsed volcano!

You just can’t miss out on this view! Head down to the lake for the day to kayak, paddle board, tan on the dock, and enjoy the restaurant and bar. You can also stay on the premises at Paradiso Hostel for an extremely decent price.


If you don’t make out to Jicaro Lodge for a yoga class, be sure to check out PURE Gym/Spa/Yoga. It is located in the heart of the city, 2 blocks from Parque Central. PURE offers a morning and evening yoga class daily, and a full service gym along with a variety of fitness classes.

Garden inside PURE- keep an eye out for Snoopi the tortoise!

There is also a mini-spa on the premises, offering pedicures/manicures, massage, reflexology, and acupuncture. Be sure to grab a bite at the vegetarian cafe after your work out/pampering. Their Monje Blanco (yoghurt with fruit and granola) for a light, post-workout breakfast was my favorite!

Iglesia La Merced – A beautiful historical site and a must see in Granada. One of the oldest churches in Latin America built in 1534. Visitors can climb a spiral staircase to the bell tower for panoramic views. Entrance fee is $1, then take the first door on the left inside the church to find the route up to the bell tower.

I really only touched on the bare minimum of sights to see and things to do whilst in Granada. Guess you’ll just have to go check it out for yourselves. 😉 Happy travels!


The Traveling Yogi

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