Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

If we don’t change we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. Growth demands temporary surrender of security.” Gail Sheehy

Do you ever think to yourself, “That person must never feel uncomfortable?” Truth is, everyone gets uncomfortable – but the difference is that some people are comfortable with being uncomfortable. They don’t fear it, they look at it as a way of learning and being open to possibilities.

The word doesn’t have the same connotation for everyone. For some people, an experience could be new and exciting, and for others, petrifying and seemingly impossible. But here’s the kicker – it’s going to take you a lot longer to get what you want out of life living in this fear. The people who start their own businesses, make awesome things happen for themselves, and travel the world don’t let fear hold them back.

We are the only ones holding ourselves back.

Stepping out of your comfort zone requires you to extend your personal boundaries in order to create (what could be) a more fulfilling life. The successful people whom you look up to and inspire you have pushed past their comfort zone in order to reach their current position.

It must not be forgotten that contained within every effort, every step, and every so called failure draws you closer to your dreams. Nothing in life is wasted, for it is all a learning experience. But staying in your comfort zone will prohibit you from experiencing any trials or tribulations at all.

You’ll simply stay put for the rest of your life in the same familiar bubble of comfortability.

With that in mind, stepping out of your comfort zone may be paralyzing to some, since there is a level of anxiety associated with uncertainty. You become so accustomed to the familiar routine and lifestyle that to rock the boat, debilitates you and knocks you off track.

You must be willing to take risks, whether big or small in order to gradually move in the direction of your dreams.

Being comfortable keeps people from pushing past their limits because they’re incredibly happy with where they’re at. Think about it – if you’re feeling comfortable with your average job, why would you push yourself to start your own business, blog or travel the world?

That same comfort keeps you from experiencing everything life has to offer. Being uncomfortable may feel, well, uncomfortable. But this un-comfortability pushes you to new adventures, stories, and journeys meeting new people along the way that make you a more evolved and compassionate being.

So, how do we come to find success?

“We surround ourselves with what is better or see other people as role models. You go, ‘If they can do this, so can I.’” – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has always been a very influential person to me. He holds so much knowledge about how to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. But what’s more important than the knowledge, is the positivity.

Everyone gets knocked off track. Life will always throw you curve balls. Bad things happen all the time to good people.

What’s the secret to success, you might ask?

The key ingredient to being highly successful and happy is being happy and optimistic. Not letting yourself stay down, but to be able to continuously pick yourself back up. This isn’t an easy feat, but it can be learned, and it will be an extremely powerful skill to carry with you throughout your life.

This may look different for everyone, but my go-to is to always have a “Plan B”; an alternative route if my initial plan crumbles. This plan can’t be ignored, because a lot of time, you’ll end up having to fall back on something. It’s always better to have spent the time mapping out realistic options instead of putting it off in the hopes that Plan A doesn’t fail.

These are a few initial steps to take on your journey of self-improvement. It takes time, but most of all – a change in mindset, and the willingness to let yourself feel uncomfortable. Good things will come if you let them in.


The Traveling Yogi

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