6 Tips For Starting a Home Yoga Practice

When you’re brand new to yoga, the idea of starting on your own can seem difficult, or even impossible. I find that there is a common misconception about the practice of yoga.

Many people who have never done yoga either think that yoga is simply “just stretching”, or they think that you need to be some sort of acrobat and crazy flexible to be able to step foot in a class.

Neither of these above statements are true. It’s absolutely achievable for anyone to start their own at-home yoga practice even if you’re an absolute beginner.

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The Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refers to the eight limbs of yoga, each of which offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

The word ‘yoga’ means to connect. The thing we look to connect to is the true Self, or you might also refer to this as the soul. If that way of thinking doesn’t resonate with you, then consider that the word yoga can also mean separation.

The thing we’re breaking away from is whatever stops us from feeling free, as the ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to attain a constant state of peace.

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10 Health Benefits of Yoga

My last blog post focused on 6 popular types of yoga that are widely practiced today. Although there are many other forms of yoga that I did not mention, the styles that I touched on focus more on the foundation of the practice which is especially beneficial for beginners.

For those who don’t know much about the practice, or are curious to know about the health benefits of the practice (being more than just a nice stretch), I’ve included some perks of the practice that might entice you to step onto your mat. 

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A Beginners Guide to Yoga

I’ve recently realized how intimidating the practice of yoga is. It’s been more than a few years since I started regularly practicing, and I feel as though the practice of yoga has boomed even more in that time into what is now a very popular hobby and way of life.

Living in Southern California, it’s especially apparent how the practice has become somewhat trendy. The lifestyle of yoga seems to sell more than the actual practice. Yoga is more widely seen as a “workout” in many studios rather than a personal practice focusing on breath and alignment.

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6 Most Popular Types of Yoga

In the modern world that we live in today, there are many different types of yoga catering to all ages. In many studios, the practice has strayed far off the path of meditation and breath-work, and has instead solely become a form of exercise. This is very different from the ancient practice that began in India.

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Yoga in San Juan del Sur

There are a handful of places in SJdS that offer yoga, but I recommend visiting a few of my favorites – especially if you’re only visiting for a few days and feel overwhelmed by the options, check these places out and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you practice yoga everyday, or you’re new to the practice and want to give it a whirl in a beautiful tropical environment. I commend you for continuing your practice whilst on vacation, or for coming to your mat when you could be doing other things such as sleeping in – because who wants to do that on vacation?!

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