Here is a place where you’ll find tips, tutorials, insight, and inspiration. Posts that are not solely about the physical practice of yoga, but how to turn the practice inwards. In time, this will make your practice a more personal and effective way to discover your inner peace. Introducing forms of self-realization such as meditation, journaling, and karmic action – selfless acts of love with the sole intention of helping others. This type of action can be as minimal as simply repeating a powerful mantra such as this:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhuvantu

“May all beings on this Earth be happy and free from suffering.”


Once you are able to put forth effort into your internal practice, your entire yoga practice will change. You will no longer have just that one hour where you feel at peace being on your mat, but you’ll be able to carry the feeling with you throughout the day. After enough time and practice, this will become a constant state for you. A state of mind where you’re able to stay in the present. A state of clarity where your focus and mood is drastically improved. You’ll develop a different lens in which you view your relationships, priorities, as well as your approach to life choices and your current path.



The Traveling Yogi